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Protect your beloved furry friends from the unexpected.

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Why get Pet Insurance with the Thaiger?

With the Thaiger, you have the liberty to choose from a wide range of coverage options we offer for your four-legged friends’ health. With only a few clicks, you can give your pet the best protection from unwanted accidents and illnesses.

What is Pet Insurance?

It may be hard to think about your pet getting injured or sick, but no one knows what the future holds. When an accident or illness strikes your furry family member, the veterinary costs can quickly add up.

Pet insurance, or veterinary health insurance, works just like human health insurance but is specifically designed for your pet. It can help protect your pet from many unexpected situations. Pet insurance covers the cost of veterinary care to keep your pets healthy and get the treatment they need.

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What are the benefits of pet insurance?

For some people, pet insurance may sound like an unnecessary expense. However, there are actually numerous benefits that pet insurance offers beside protecting your furry friends.

Saves Money

When your lovely furry friend is ill or injured, you will want the best care for them, pet insurance will cover all treatment costs and more.

Treatment Options

Having pet insurance will enable you to choose and afford many different types of treatment options and you will be able to provide life-saving surgeries for them.

Choose your Vet

With pet insurance, you can choose from a wide variety of vets, no referral from a doctor is required and options to see a specialist is also available.

Obtainable for all pets

Pets come in all shapes and sizes. You can insure all of your pets, no matter how big or small, and young or old they are.

How to Get the Best Pet Insurance Plan?

Like choosing insurance for your car or your property, choosing pet insurance also requires careful considerations. All pets are different, and finding the right pet insurance plan can be daunting. With so many options, make sure you choose the best one for your lovely furry friends.

Consider your pet’s species

Most pets, particularly cats and dogs, need regular veterinarian care and may even experience medical issues or accidents. However, different species will require different level of commitment. Therefore, always consider your pet’s species before choosing a pet insurance plan.

Consider your pet’s breed

Your pet’s breed is also another vital factor to consider since there may be common medical conditions associated with your pet’s breed. For example, Golden Retrievers are more prone to cancer, while Poodles commonly experience dislocated kneecaps. Knowing your pet’s species and breed will help you prepare for their future medical needs. In addition, the species and breed of your pet can make a huge difference in insurance costs.

Identify what your pet needs

Besides the species and the breed, it is also important to know what your pet needs based on their specific health condition. Discuss your pet’s health with your veterinarian and, if you can, find if there is a history of health issues in your pet’s family tree. Knowing your pet’s health will help you narrow down the coverage you need, whether it is coverage for routine wellness, unknown medical care, an emergency, or complete care.

Research what’s covered and what might affect coverage

Some pet insurance plans may have exclusions for health conditions that are hereditary, pre-existing, or congenital. The plans may also apply restrictions on your coverage when you file a claim. Before purchasing, make sure to understand what factors affect coverage and find out how often your premium will increase. Be aware that premiums may increase with your pet’s age.

Don’t base your pet insurance purchase on cost alone

It may be tempting to buy the cheapest pet insurance policy available, you don’t want to limit the number of benefits and protections you will receive when you need them. Also, take deductibles into consideration: a higher deductible will result in a lower premium, but a low deductible will result in a higher premium.

Purchase pet insurance while your pet is still young and healthy

Premiums are typically lower for a younger pet rather than an older one. Also, the younger your pet is, the smaller the chance they are going to have any pre-existing condition that pet insurance won’t cover.

Policy variables to consider

When choosing a policy, always consider the level of cover, benefit rate, benefit caps, exclusions, sub-limits, and waiting periods.

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Customer Reviews


good addition to the thaiger, I have always been looking for some sort of insurance for my pet, and now the thaiger is offering it here, its also free to inquire.

Justin Clark


It is amazing that I don’t have to have any cost barrier when we are trying to investigate why my puppy is sick. Thank you the thaiger for my pet insurance.

Jannette Davis


Had a great experience with the Thaiger, good information and easy process

Didi Nattana


This insurance has been supper beneficial.

Jon M.


Awesome job. Everything worked out perfectly. Thank you.

Alexander W.


Getting pet insurance have saved me tons of money back in the States, im glad i can get one here now too.

Mia Barrett

Type of Pet Insurance Plan

The idea of our pets getting injured or ill can be scary. We love our pets and want them to be healthy and live for a long time, but accidents can happen, especially with their curious and dubious nature. This is why it is vital to give your pet the protection they deserve.

We have a range of plan types to choose. Please read the details below and see the covers to ensure that your lovely pets are fully protected.

Lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive type of cover you can get for your pets. It helps you pay vet fees for your pets for the whole of their life, whether it is for emergency care related to accidents, routine care, yearly vaccines, or treatment for illnesses.

You will get continuous cover for your pet’s illness or injury as long as you keep renewing the policy each year.

Note that some lifetime plans will not cover your pet for its entire lifetime, meaning there might be lower or upper age limits.

Key Points:

  • Your pet will be covered with chronic health conditions, which are not included in other plan types.
  • You will be protected from the cost of ongoing vet treatment.
  • Vet costs, kennels/cattery costs, dental costs, and complementary therapies are all covered.
  • Third-party liability cover.
  • Cremation, burial, and euthanasia are all covered as well.
  • You will get compensation should your pets are stolen or lost.
  • Most pet insurance plans will not cover pre-existing conditions. However, lifetime pet insurance may cover those conditions should they re-occur.

Time-limited pet insurance offers a fixed sum for each injury or illness your pet gets. There will be a cap on how much you can claim for treatment with the time-limited pet insurance plan. There will be a time-limit as well, usually for 12 months.

For example, your pet falls ill or injured when you have had your pet insurance policy for six months. This means that you can claim up to a fixed amount for that specific illness for the remaining six months of your current policy and the first six months of your next policy – that is, if you renew your policy with the same insurer.

When you reach the fixed amount or when the set period ends, your pet will no longer be covered for that injury or illness. Suppose that the same disease or injury occurs again in the future. In that case, your pet will not be covered since it will be treated as a pre-existing medical condition.

Note that this plan does not cover vaccinations, routine checkups, general treatments, preventative treatment, dental care, and pregnancy.

Key Points:

  • Your pet will be covered with chronic health conditions, which are not included in other plan types.
  • You will be protected from the cost of ongoing vet treatment.
  • Vet costs, kennels/cattery costs, dental costs, and complementary therapies are all covered.
  • Third-party liability cover.
  • Cremation, burial, and euthanasia are all covered as well.
  • You will get compensation should your pets are stolen or lost.
  • Most pet insurance plans will not cover pre-existing conditions. However, lifetime pet insurance may cover those conditions should they re-occur.

Accident only pet insurance covers a fixed amount per injury should your pet has an accident. In some cases, emergency care of illnesses due to injury may be covered as well.

There is usually a time limit and/or financial cap. This means that you need to keep your payments up to date and renew your pet insurance policy at the end of the policy period to be continuously covered.

Key Points:

  • The most basic and affordable type of pet insurance.
  • Most suitable for young and healthy pets.
  • You can claim up to the amount stated on your policy. Therefore, you will know how much cover your pet has for each injury.

Your pet’s health is priceless. Make sure you are financially prepared with pet insurance

After several expensive trips to the vet with my puppy, I started considering to get pet insurance. I had never used pet insurance before, and the Thaiger made the process so simple. My puppy had to be taken to the emergency room not long ago due to a ruptured disc. I can focus on the recovery instead of the cost of treatment, thanks to the insurance. I’m glad I got the insurance and feel thankful for the coverage.

Top tip: To ensure you choose the right coverage, determine what specific illness or injury your pets are more prone to based on their species and breed.

Why The Thaiger?

Giving your pets the protection they deserve is essential, but ensuring you are covered for everything can be tricky.

The Thaiger strives to make the whole process of purchasing pet insurance easier for you. We do all the research and the legwork needed to obtain the best insurance plan for your beloved pets. Therefore, you can save your time and buy your pet insurance online in several simple steps.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Pet Insurance with The Thaiger.

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Additional and Specialty Pet Insurance

Sometimes, the standard pet insurance plan may not cover everything you need to protect your furry friends fully. These additional and speciality pet insurance may help you give the protection they need.

Wellness Coverage

A wellness cover is an add-on feature to other pet insurance plan. It provides reimbursement for preventative care, routine care, yearly vaccines, and checkups. It is best to be combined with the accident-only insurance plan.

Illness Coverage

With illness coverage, any sudden illness your pets experience will be covered. It is often combined with the accident-only insurance plan.

Pre-existing Medical Condition Coverage

Most pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions. If your pet already has a medical condition, you can take out this specific coverage. However, not all pre-existing conditions will be covered.

Dog Insurance

This is speciality insurance that is specifically designed for your dog. It can help cover the cost of healthcare if your dog gets injured or falls ill. The cost of vet care can be expensive, especially in older dogs. With dog insurance, you don’t have to worry about the financial consequences.

Puppy Insurance

There is always a risk of a severe illness or injury to your lovable puppy, no matter how young and healthy they look. Puppy insurance ensures that you will always get your puppy the care it needs. You can insure a puppy as young as five weeks old.

Cat Insurance

Your feline may look healthy, but accidents and illnesses can always happen. Should the unwanted situations occur, cat insurance ensure that you can always provide the best care for your cat.

Kitten Insurance

Your cute kittens are mischievous, which makes them more likely to have an accident that requires medical attention. With kitten insurance, you can insure kittens from six to eight weeks old.

Multi-pet insurance

Have more than one pet you want to insure? Multi-pet insurance can help you. It is essentially the same as the standard pet insurance plan, but for more than one pet.

Rabbit insurance

Many people think that rabbits are easier and cheaper to look after. The truth is, they can fall ill or get injured just like any other animals. The vet fees can be as expensive as those for larger pets. Therefore, the right rabbit insurance can help you protect your precious bunny in a time of need.

Horse Insurance

The ongoing care and medical care for horses can be a lot more expensive compared to other pets. Make sure you can always afford their medical needs when they need it.

Pet Insurance and Pre-Existing Medical Coverage

Most pet insurance plans will not cover any pre-existing medical condition that your pets might have. For example, if your dog already has diabetes before you purchase pet insurance, the insurance will not cover the cost of veterinary care due to diabetes.

Therefore, a lot of people opt to add the Pet’s Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage, especially to an older pet. If you have a pet who already has a medical condition, whether they are still young or already old, it is recommended that you add Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage to your plan. This way, you can give your pets the best protection they need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Insurance Insurance

No, most pet insurance does not pay your vet directly. After you pay your vet, it reimburses you for covered costs.

What’s covered by pet insurance depends on the type of plan you choose, but it mainly covers veterinary treatment for accidents and/or illnesses. It may also cover some alternative therapies, third-party liability, diagnostic costs (such as blood tests), and advertising costs should you lost your pet.

Third-party liability coverage will cover accidental injury or damage to a person, their property, or their pet caused by your pet. This may include paying legal bills if someone tries to sue you or takes you to court. However, it usually only applies to dogs.

Yes. Since older pets are more prone to health issues, insuring them can be more expensive.

Keeping your pet vaccinations up to date might get you a discount on your premiums with some pet insurance plans. Your insurance will probably not cover the cost of treatment for some illnesses if your pet is not vaccinated.

The cost of pet insurance depends on many factors. Pet insurance is generally more cost-effective for young and healthy animals. Some pets, such as cats, are also usually cheaper to insure than other pets.

When it comes to deciding on pet insurance, there are three big policies to choose from, and they are:

Accident Only Policies: cover the expense of seeing a doctor after accidental damage or injury, such as car crashes, battling scratches with other animals, and snake bites.

Time-Limited Policies: cover the expense of seeing a doctor after accidental injury or sudden illness for a limited-period of time.

Lifetime Policies: the most comprehensive type of pet insurance. It covers everything from medical treatments if your pet gets injured or falls ill, dental costs, and even yearly vaccines. As long as you keep renewing the policy each year, your pets will always be covered.

You need pet insurance to minimise the financial burden when your pet falls ill or gets injured. The risk is that your pet will need medication before you can save more or the price of care exceeds what you have saved. Treating even common symptoms such as cuts and vomiting can cost hundreds of pounds, and more serious cases can easily cost thousands. This is why a lot of individuals want their pets to be insured.

Yes, but this option is not offered by all insurers. Read our guide to companies that offer discounts and multi-pet quotes. When you cover more than one pet on the same policy, our pet insurance provides a 15 per cent multi-pet discount – this is the largest multi-pet discount on the market.

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